Impressions and Models

For Clear Image Aligners, we require high quality stone models. Due to the precision fit of these appliances in relation to the entire arch, any discrepancies in the accuracy of the models will result in a compromised clinical fit. If impressions are poured in your office, they must be closely inspected before sending to the lab for fabrication. An option is to send impressions using a PVS material or special alginates such as Kromopan® or 100 hour Algimax and we will pour the working models.

Here is a set of stone models received that was poured from traditional alginate. Note the fine detail and complete reproduction of the critical tooth and tissue areas. We have many practices that routinely use alginate for aligners with complete satisfaction. The key is using a high quality alginate that is properly mixed and immediately poured into an orthodontic stone.

We recommend sending upper and lower models on all aligners cases so we can evaluate the occlusion when repositioning the teeth. Oftentimes there are overbite/overjet interferences that prevent ideal repositioning of the teeth and we can address this before starting the case if we receive both models.