Series 4 Aligners

Clinicians are all too familiar with minor anterior relapse. Series 4 Aligners are designed to treat these types of cases utilizing up to 4 appliances. Aligners are ordered based on the specific case requirements up to 4 aligners per arch. The upper and lower arches can be treated simultaneously or corrections can be made to a single arch. Typically, the centrals and laterals are repositioned for improvements, but each case is individually evaluated and may require the canines to be repositioned for optimal alignment.

With this case the upper anteriors required moderate corrections. Four aligners were used to slightly advance the right central, rotate the left central, and slightly rotate the mesial of the left cuspid. Approximately .25mm of IPR was done on the mesial and distal of the laterals. Note the general improvement in the overall arch form and shape.


This case illustrates upper anterior space closure with 4 aligners. There was sufficient overjet to retract the upper anteriors without interference of the lower anteriors. Approximately 1.5- 2mm of space was closed between the centrals with all 4 incisors shifting to the lingual.



This case shows typical anterior crowding on the lower arch. Four aligners were required to resolve the crowding. Moderate IPR on all 4 anteriors combined with overall arch form improvements.